Jacket & Coat Fabric / Outer Fabric Cotton (Plain, Unicoloured)

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Our jacket and coat fabric Cotton is a high-quality outer fabric. Due to its pleasant warm colours, this outer fabric is used in the manufacture of coats, jackets or waistcoats, evening wear and decorations of all kinds. This jacket fabric is especially suitable for outdoor or hunting use.

Would you like to give your garment a high-quality look? Then convince yourself of the special quality of our jacket and coat fabric Cotton.

  • firm handle and drape
  • water-repellent
  • for jackets, coats, parka, hunting equipment, outdoor
  • versatile in use

Item properties

Polyester (PL)

Polyester (PL) is a chemical and microfibre and is made of polyethylene terephthalate. Polyester fibres have the highest tear and abrasion resistance and are popular in many areas. The synthetic fabric is three times finer than silk and very easy to care for, non-iron, dimensionally stable, elastic, crease-resistant, soft, lightfast and weather-resistant. The synthetic fibre is heat-resistant, easy to wash and dries quickly. The sheen and feel of polyester is comparable to silk fabric. Combining it with natural fibres such as wool or cotton creates a fabric that is elastic but stable at the same time.

Polyamide (PA)

Polyamide is a synthetic fibre often used for clothing such as women's stockings or sportswear. The basis is carbon atoms, which are extracted from petroleum. Depending on the cross-section, polyamide fibres can be matt to shiny, coarse or bulky to fine. Polyamides are tough, very strong and stiff and have good abrasion and wear resistance. In addition, the fabric offers certain capabilities. It is waterproof, quick-drying, robust and dimensionally stable as well as tear-resistant, durable and elastic.

Cotton (CO)

Cotton (CO) is a durable and stretchable natural fabric made from plant fibres. Cotton is obtained from the seed hairs of the cotton plant, which belongs to the mallow family. Cotton is very absorbent and more tear-resistant when wet than when dry. In addition, this fabric is very skin-friendly and does not scratch. A low allergy potential and a certain heat resistance round off cotton and make it a durable and very easy-care fabric.

Technical details

Designation Value
Material 65% Polyester (PL), 35% Cotton (CO)
Colours black
599 blue
sand / beige
1662 olive / green
3192 oliv / green / brown
6042 brown
9415 grey / green
Width ca. 140 cm


Designation Value
Width approx.: 145 cm140 cm
Property / Feature: water-repellent
Color: bluebrownoliveblackkhakibeigegreygreen
Material: Polyester (PL)Polyamide (PA)Cotton (CO)
Pattern / Motive: Plain / Uni
Fabric type: Outer fabric


The colours used are displayed differently on every monitor and are therefore not binding for technical reasons. You will of course receive the purchased metre quantity in one piece.

Scope of delivery

1 x Jacket & Coat Fabric / Outer Fabric Cotton (Uni, Plain) - Width 140 cm
Colour: Selection
Length: Indication