Tailoring supplies / Furrier supplies

The best tools always at hand. There are no limits to creativity. For this, you need the best ingredients and the best tools. Below we have listed a small overview of our possibilities.

Plain & jacquard (patterned), in a wide range of colours. In many designs, patterns and qualities. Modern & contemporary, as well as classic & elegant.

Outer fabrics
Fashionably up-to-date fabrics for the production of jacket and coat covers, water-repellent, such as Belseta High Tech, Belseta PS, micro fibre, semi-silks, silks, outer quilting fabrics and loden, e.g. for lining blankets.

Tools / Accessories
All tools for tailoring, like knives and scissors - we have it! Repair ticket pads, measurement and storage books, tote bags, fleece storage bags, porc & nappa leather ect.

Nonwovens, fusible interlinings for fur, leather and fabric, horsehair, nettle, batiste, felt, wadteline, quilted linings and pocket linings.

Shoulder pads for raglan and inset arm. In many shapes and thicknesses to suit fashion requirements.

Muff Bags
A wide range of muff bags, down bags & totes as well as disco bags, shopper bags, backpacks and handbags as blanks covered with fur or other materials.

Accessories / Closures
We offer fashionable buttons as well as fasteners for fur, leather and textile garments. We also stock Keska fasteners, hooks & eyes, ball pushers and clips. Fur collars and scarves in fox, mink & rabbit.

Needles / Yarns
Fur machine needles, e.g. System 459R, sewing machine needles flat and round butt, furrier triangular needles, hand sewing needles, glass head pins, sorting pins. Machine thread, e.g. Serafil, New Bedford, hand and machine threads, Saba, e.g. 30 - 50 - 100 - 120, top thread, silk lustre thread, row thread etc.

Our range includes stretch headbands, bias tapes, elastic tapes, cords, double adhesive tapes for leather, ribbon tape (also self-adhesive), piping. We also offer labels with your name and logo, woven or printed.

Chemical products
We supply litter shavings, fur cleaners, purpose agents, fur dye spray, leather blend, lustre, impregnators, adhesives as well as moth repellents.

Do you have any questions? Call us at +49 (0) 20 43 / 4 20 66 or write us a short e-mail on espey@espey-gmbh.de, we look forward to your interest.