Jacket & Coat Fabric / Outer Fabric Boucle I - 24 orange / red / black

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  • Available immediately
  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays  (DE - int. shipments may differ)


Our jacket and coat fabric Bouclé I in orange / red / black is a very high-quality outer fabric with a coarse surface structure and a loop or knot pattern. A bouclé is perfect for casual autumn coats, chic jackets & coats, as well as skirts or even dresses.

The name bouclé has its origin in French and means something like "loop" or "curl".

Thanks to its irregular structure, this fabric easily forgives small sewing mistakes. The uneven surface makes this wrinkle-free outer fabric look very impressive and is also very easy to care for and work with.

Would you like to give your garment a high-quality look? Then convince yourself of the special quality of our jacket and coat fabric Bouclé I in the colour orange / red / black.


Item properties

Polyester (PL)

Polyester (PL) is a chemical and microfibre and is made of polyethylene terephthalate. Polyester fibres have the highest tear and abrasion resistance and are popular in many areas. The synthetic fabric is three times finer than silk and very easy to care for, non-iron, dimensionally stable, elastic, crease-resistant, soft, lightfast and weather-resistant. The synthetic fibre is heat-resistant, easy to wash and dries quickly. The sheen and feel of polyester is comparable to silk fabric. Combining it with natural fibres such as wool or cotton creates a fabric that is elastic but stable at the same time.

Virgin wool (WV)

Virgin wool (WV) is the name given to textile fibres obtained from the fur of living sheep. Sheep have served mankind for thousands of years as extremely versatile and useful livestock. Virgin wool is one of the oldest materials used for the production of textiles and clothing. The fibres of new wool are particularly elastic, which gives wool a very high quality. It is also remarkably colourfast, does not crease much and can hold its shape well. Wool is also very flame retardant, making it ideal for clothing.

Nylon (NY)

The correct chemical name for nylon (NY) is polyhexamethylene adipic acid amide. Only carbon, water and air are used to produce nylon. Consequently, nylon was the first patented textile fibre that can only be produced from the substances listed above. Nylon is particularly characterised by its high abrasion and tear resistance and absorbs only small amounts of liquid. Nylon fibres are used to make stockings, blouses and shirts as well as sportswear. Chemically speaking, nylon is a polyamide.

Polyacrylic / Dralon (PAN)

Polyacrylic, or Dralon, is an acrylic material with a Teflon coating. The Dralon fabric has a high value for light fastness. Therefore, Dralon / polyacrylic is ideally suited for outdoor use as well as for upholstery for garden furniture, as a tablecloth or also as a rope tension awning for patio shading. Although Dralon is a robust and hard-wearing fabric, it is also soft and supple. Thanks to its Teflon coating, the Dralon fabric is water and dirt repellent and thus has built-in stain protection.

Technical details

Designation Value
Material 36% Virgin wool (WV), 31% Polyacrylic / Dralon (PAN), 22% Polyester (PL), 5% Nylon (NY), 6% Various
Colour 24 orange / red / black
Width ca. 150 cm


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Verwendeter Stoff: Jacken- & Mantelstoff / Oberstoff Boucle I - 24 orange / rot / schwarz


Designation Value
Width approx.: 150 cm
Color: blackredorange
Material: Polyester (PL)Virgin wool (WV)Nylon (NY)Polyacrylic / Dralon (PAN)
Pattern / Motive: Patterned
Fabric type: Jacket fabricOuter fabricCoat fabric


The colours used are displayed differently on every monitor and are therefore not binding for technical reasons. You will of course receive the purchased metre quantity in one piece.

Scope of delivery

1 x Jacket & Coat Fabric / Outer Fabric Boucle I - Width 150 cm
Colour: 24 orange / red / black
Length: Indication